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Susan Sarandon

vendredi 23 juillet 2010 , Posted by cinema stars at 02:32


His real name is Susan Abigail Tomalin , Born October 4, 1946 at Tomlin, New York (USA) . Susan Sarandon was brought up in a Catholic family. Enrolled with the nuns, his childhood is under the sign of a crushing conservatism which is defying the early foundations for a rebellious attitude. After graduating from Catholic University of America (based in Washington) in English and Theatre, Susan Sarandon, shares his early career in modeling and small roles on stage and television.

Her first movie role in 1970 in Joe is also the America of John G. Avildsen. She accepts a lot of things without gaining much recognition until 1975, when the expected happens platform with two very different films. In The Great Waldo Pepper, she plays the young love of Robert Redford, stands out as leading lady. In The Rocky Horror Picture Show, very off-gothic musical, she played an innocent young woman corrupted by a transsexual sex maniac. This film is an underground hit and quickly became the object of a cult delusional (the fans come dressed to meetings and throw water on the screen).

In 1979 she separated from her husband to marry with Louis Malle directs in Petite and Atlantic City (the film earned him his first Oscar nomination in 1980). It was then a relationship with Sean Penn, 14 years his junior. In 1986, his career skyrocketed with The Witches of Eastwick, where she played opposite Jack Nicholson and Michelle Pfeiffer. Then two years later, she plays a sexy woman and an aging baseball fan who shares his heart and his body between Kevin Costner and Tim Robbins in the young duo to three. This year, 12 years younger, also has two children with the actress. Susan Sarandon says there, with a certain casualness towards Hollywood, being a sex symbol is not the prerogative of young actresses. Where the system is that the careers of actresses decline with their aging, Susan Sarandon shows its age with pride.

The most famous role as Susan Sarandon happens in 1991, led by director Ridley Scott, the tragic female equipped Thelma and Louise for which she was nominated for an Oscar. A year later she was again nominated for Lorenzo, then for The Client, but eventually it will stall in 1995 the statuette with the drama staged by her husband, Dead Man Walking. She has a dual role in 1998 as producer and performer for the dramatic comedy My Best Enemy, playing a mother become embittered by his divorce, and became in 2002 a row, conservative woman recovering her teenage delusions in The Banger Sisters alongside Goldie Hawn. It is found that year in the comedy Igby and drama Moonlight Mile, in which his character learns to live after the accidental death of his daughter.
In 2002, she is the poster of four films, Igby Goes Down, The Child of Mine, The Banger Sisters, Moonlight Miles.


Solitary Man 2010
The Greatest 2010
Peacock 2009
The Lovely Bones 2009
Speed Racer 2008
Bernard and Doris 2007
Enchanted 2007
In the Valley of Elah 2007
Mr. Woodcock 2007
Romance and Cigarettes 2007
Elizabethtown 2005
Alfie 2004
Shall We Dance? 2004
Moonlight Mile 2002
The Banger Sisters 2002
Igby Goes Down 2002
Cats & Dogs 2001
Rugrats in Paris: The Movie 2000
Joe Gould's Secret 2000
Anywhere But Here 1999
Cradle Will Rock 1999
Stepmom 1998
Twilight 1998
Illuminat 1998
James and the Giant Peach 1996
Dead Man Walking 1995
Client, The 1994
Little Women 1994
Safe Passage 1994
Light Sleeper
Oil 1992
Player, The 1992
Bob Roberts 1992
Thelma & Louise 1991
White Palace 1991
January Man 1989
Dry White Season, A 1989
Hearts Dance 1988
Bull Durham 1988
Witches of Eastwick, The 1987
Compromising Positions 1985
Hunger, The 1983
Buddy System, The 1984
Tempest 1982
Loving Couples 1980
Atlantic City 1980
Something Short of Paradise 1979
Pretty Baby
Flag or Crash 1977
King of the Gypsies 1978
Other Side of Midnight, The 1977
Great Smokey Roadblock, The 1976
One Summer Love 1976
Rocky Horror Picture Show, The 1975
Great Waldo Pepper, The 1975
Front Page, The 1974
Lovin' Molly 1974
Mortadella 1972
Fleur bleue 1971
Joe 1970

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