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Al Pacino : the legend of hollywood

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Al Pacino, of Sicilian parents, has three children. Julie, born in 1992 and twins Anton and Olivia, born Jan. 25, 2001 with actress Beverly D'Angelo.

Al Pacino lives with his mother at his grandparents in Sicily. Ironically, his grandfather James was born in Corleone. Later he moved to New York in the South Bronx.

This early interest in theater and participated in small presentations to the school. At 14, he entered the High School of Performing Arts, he had to leave three years later, partly because the level of English is too low. He then embarks on a series of odd jobs, while not losing sight of the theater.

The money he saved it can integrate the Actor's Studio in 1966, where he met the actors who become famous later as Robert de Niro (called at that time Robert de Nero). With this personal success, he received his first Obie (reward for the theater) in 1968 for The Indian Wants the Bronx. The following year, he received his first Tony Award. He gets a second for the play entitled Does the Tiger Wear a Necktie (1977).

His film debut is quite noticeable. After visiting me, Nathalie de Fred Coe in 1969, he won the lead role in Panic in Needle Park (1970) Jerry Schatzberg, drama unfolding in the middle addict in Manhattan. His film career is so carried away and Al Pacino connects a series of films that range from the excellent and the masterpiece.

Indeed, in 1972, while the producers are trying to impose Robert Redford for the role of Michael Corleone in The Godfather, Francis Ford Coppola, after lengthy negotiations, chose Al Pacino, who is virtually unknown at the time.

His first encounter with Marlon Brando was very stressful for him, but remains one of the most important moments of his career as he defines himself, it will be at the hospital scene when Michael Corleone must watch his father. The rest is history: the film is a huge success and beginning of his career. The following year, he renewed his collaboration with Jerry Schatzberg for Scarecrow. Al Pacino played opposite Gene Hackman for what will be one of the most notable duets of the decade. The same year, he signed his first film with Sidney Lumet: Serpico.
With its liberal interpretation of incorruptible cop in this film that is successful at the box office .

In 1974, he resumed the role of Michael Corleone for the second part of the Godfather. This time, Robert De Niro, who plays Vito Corleone (in his youth). New huge success. This film also allows Pacino to show he can already play everything. The character of Michael Corleone, silent and cold is the opposite of Frank Serpico, the cop who probably unstable, angry and struggling in a New York very violent and corrupt police.

In 1975, Pacino plays a new character a bit unstable, a bank robber dilettante who quickly
became popular because of its inexperience in an afternoon of dog (Dog Day Afternoon) by Sydney Lumet. Two years later, he launched into melodrama with Sydney Pollack (director general of the 1970s) who is in charge of Bobby Deerfield (1977).

The 1980 start drastically to Al Pacino, as a gay actor in a very dark thriller and probably the best film by William Friedkin, The Hunt (Cruising, 1980). In 1983, the long-awaited meeting with Brian De Palma, who offered him the role of Tony Montana in Scarface remake of Howard Hawks (1932). For a generation (mainly rappers), the character of Tony Montana has become a myth and an object of fascination (with all the ambiguities involved), and Al Pacino in this role is exceptional Cuban immigrant who is experiencing phenomenal financial and social ascent in the underworld as he goes mad, as he is devoured by the paranoia and drug Mafia inherent in its

Like many great American actors, Al Pacino will be several minor roles in the 1990s. In 1990, he played Michael Corleone in The Godfather Part III. But if the 1990s are less prolific in great roles that the 1970s and allowed him to return, if not leading, at least at the stage of recognition unquestioned. Of course, Al Pacino links not only masterpieces. But we nevertheless noted that its new collaboration with Brian De Palma's success leads to another: The Impasse (Carlito's Way). In this film beautifully dark and sad, Al Pacino button again perfectly with
the character of Carlito Brigante.

First meeting between film Al Pacino and Robert De Niro in the 1995 thriller directed by Michael Mann's Heat, which tells the game of cat and mouse that engage a bank robber exception (De Niro) and a police inspector tough (Pacino) who has vowed to do stop. Pacino and De Niro is a very high level and we reserve a memorable face to face. The supporting actors, among others held by Val Kilmer, Tom Sizemore and Jon Voight are also very unconvincing. The film will be dedicated to an important commercial and critical success.

In 1996, Pacino goes behind the camera to show his loyalty to the theater, with Looking for Richard, mid-adaptation of Shakespeare's Richard III, part documentary on the filming of the part in the film. After The Devil's Advocate Taylor Hackford (1997) and Donnie Brasco (1997) by Mike Newell, Al Pacino gives us two more excellent performance as an actor, first opposite Russell Crowe in The Insider , by Michael Mann, then in Any Given Sunday (Any Given Sunday) Oliver Stone.

With the film S1m0ne, screwball comedy by Andrew Niccol, Al Pacino proves once again that the public can adapt to any type of role. The following year, he played for the first time alongside Robin Williams in the remake of a Swedish film: Insomnia, the film is successful, Al Pacino is excellent in his role as cop tired and disillusioned. After Robin Williams, it was the turn of Colin Farrell co-star of the film The Recruit, starring Al Pacino.

In 2003 comes with Kim Basinger Influences and Téa Leoni, manhandled by a film critic, but saved by the excellent performance of Al Pacino. In 2003, Al Pacino participates in the project director Mike Nichols, Angels in America series, which includes six episodes of approximately one hour each. This series covers the topic of homosexuality and AIDS in the 1980s
and the difficulty of homosexuals to overcome illness. Pacino is terrific in the role of Roy Cohn, and he was at his side one of the best British actresses of the moment: Emma Thompson and Meryl Streep, Justin Kirk, Jeffrey Wright or. A rather non-conformist style for a very engaging series. Pacino's performance earned him also to be rewarded with an Emmy Award.

The Merchant of Venice (2004) marks a homecoming for Al Pacino, whose theater remained his first love, he plays the role of Shylock, a Jewish merchant, again providing Al Pacino is extraordinary.

In July 2006, Pacino shows us once again his very great talents of actors in the film from DJ Caruso, Two for the Money, in which he plays a bookie who is tough to Matthew McConaughey, an American football player forced to retire early because of a serious injury.

Finally, expected in 2007 out of 88 Minutes, Pacino film that will do everything to avoid the death that he promised on the phone. It also awaits the release of Ocean's Thirteen, the latest installment in the saga of Daniel Ocean and his cronies. Can follow Monster of Longwood and The Torch.

It is also in post-production of a new documentary of the same type as the one he has already done with Shakespeare's Richard III, which this time will discuss the work Salome by Oscar Wilde. He will play the role of King Herod. It will also be a movie poster of Jon Avnet, with whom he has collaborated on 88 minutes, in which he will partner Robert De Niro. The film, which will be named Rightous Kill, will present the two actors as police on the heels of a killer. This is the third collaboration of the two men after The Godfather II and Heat.


Righteous Kill 2008
88 Minutes 2008
Ocean's Thirteen 2007
Two for the Money 2005
The Merchant of Venice 2004
Gigli 2003
People I Know 2003
The Recruit 2003
Simone 2002
Insomnia 2002
Any Given Sunday 1999
The Insider 1999
Devil's Advocate, The 1997
Donnie Brasco 1997
City Hall 1996
Heat 1995
Two Bits 1995
Carlito's Way 1993
Glengarry Glen Ross 1992
Scent of a Woman 1992
Frankie and Johnny 1991
Dick Tracy 1990
Godfather: Part III, The 1990
Sea of Love 1989
Revolution 1985
Scarface 1983
Author! Author! 1982
Cruising 1980
...And Justice for All 1979
Bobby Deerfield 1977
Dog Day Afternoon 1975
Godfather: Part II, The 1974
Scarecrow 1973
Serpico 1973
Godfather, The 1972
Panic in Needle Park, The 1971
Me, Natalie 1969

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